Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ancient Tibetan Sky Burial

We human get buried after death in different way according to our religion but in ancient tibetian who buried the human in cruel manner.....

Tibet is a region in Central Asia and the native place for the Tibetans. With an average altitude of 4.900 meters (16.000 feet), Tibet is the highest country on earth and is often styled “world tube”. For the religious community of Tibet Buddhist, the land of their residence is located on the mountain where no soft ground. Almost all of them covered with stones or snow / water stone.

Therefore potter caused no geographical situation, they gave the corpse to be eaten by birds. Besides, that way the spirit of the is believed to be conserved in the mountain with regard birds. The dead man above are cut and destroyed to facilitate the bird accelerate this process. They also do not want the bird carrying members of an intact body (such as head, hands, etc.) to another place.

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